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Kirsty Logan

Hello! I’m Kirsty Logan, a writer of novels and short stories. My books are Things We Say In The Dark, The Gloaming, The Gracekeepers, A Portable Shelter, and The Rental Heart & Other Fairytales.

Latest News

Kirsty Logan

Hello! I’m Kirsty Logan, a writer of novels and short stories. My books are Things We Say In The Dark, The Gloaming, The Gracekeepers, A Portable Shelter, and The Rental Heart & Other Fairytales.

Mentoring and Editing


Are you struggling with motivation, self-confidence, or getting ideas? How about structuring your writing time, finding an agent, or navigating the publishing world? If you think you would benefit from face-to-face feedback on your writing or advice on how to develop your career, I can help. The mentoring is guided by your needs and each session is custom-fitted to you. The sessions can be on Zoom, Skype or phone. For several years I have worked as a mentor for the WoMentoring Project and Scottish Book Trust, and have helped dozens of aspiring writers, many of whom have gone on to be published.

One 1-hour session: £200
Three 1-hour sessions: £500
Other time frames and levels of mentoring can be arranged to suit you. I also consider discounts depending on your personal circumstances; do get in touch and we can discuss.

Editing – Novel

Mini Edit

Are you in the early stages of a novel, and want to make sure you’re staying on track? Or are you ready to send out your first chapter and synopsis and want to make sure it’s properly polished? I will provide detailed, line-by-line comments on your opening chapter and a synopsis (if you have one), as well as a one-hour conversation where we will discuss where to go next and potential pitfalls to avoid.

First chapter (up to 5,000 words) and synopsis: £350

Overview Edit

Do you have a rough draft of a novel complete, and are not sure how to begin the editing process? Congratulations on getting that far! Now you need some advice and pointers on plot, pacing, point of view and characterisation. I will provide you with a three-page written report with comments and suggestions on how to begin editing and improving your novel draft. Also included is a follow-up where I will comment on part of an edited manuscript. I can also comment on unfinished manuscripts, providing pointers on where to go next.

Up to 25,000 words: £700
Up to 50,000 words: £1,200
Over 50,000 words: price dependent on word count

Intensive Edit

Do you have a close-to-finished novel and need help to get it ready to send to agents or editors? I can provide in-depth advice on style, theme, sensory detail, imagery, dialogue and language choice. This is provided in a fully Changes Tracked document with comments, as well as additional comments at the end. Also included is a follow-up where I will advise on part of an edited manuscript.

Up to 60,000 words: £1,500
Up to 100,000 words: £2,000
Over 100,000 words: price dependent on word count

Editing – Short Story

This includes large-scale guidance on structure and point of view, characterisation, plot and pacing, voice, setting and theme; and line-edits on prose style, sensory detail, and sentence length and structure. Editorial advice is provided in a fully Changes Tracked document with comments, as well as additional comments at the end. I can also provide guidance on putting together a short story collection or chapbook.

Up to 1,000 words: £80
Up to 3,000 words: £250
Up to 6,000 words: £350
Over 6,000 words: price dependent on word count


“Kirsty is the kind of editor who gives the most holistic evaluations of your writing while providing you with everything you need to get it where you want it to be. She takes the time to figure out your intentions for the piece, and helps you make it the best possible version of itself. She’s very generous, and asks those brilliantly pointed questions that help you figure out what you value in the writing process, and how to stay true to yourself as you navigate your writing career.”

Angela Sutton, PhD, represented by Erik Hane of Red Sofa Literary.

“Plenty of people are excellent writers without being strong editors or supportive mentors, but Kirsty brings both experience and empathy to her mentoring. She offers considered, detailed feedback on a variety of genres and styles, as well as advice about building a career as a writer – her advice is pragmatic but always gently given, and she’s as encouraging as she is exacting. Most importantly, she’s excited about turning good writing into great writing and helping emerging writers flourish.”

Kaite Welsh, award-winning writer and journalist, author of The Wages of Sin and The Unquiet Heart.

“My mentoring sessions with Kirsty fundamentally altered my approach to editing my own work, and allowed me to more constructively use my time and skills to produce better results. My writing has improved immeasurably thanks to Kirsty’s guidance, and my confidence has grown too. Her patience and talent are second to none.”

Heather Parry, short fiction writer.

“As Kirsty Logan’s mentee I have grown as a writer. She has given me concise, constructive and encouraging feedback to work I have submitted. She has guided me into the world of a writer and given insight into publishing industry. Most importantly, she has brought so much of herself to the mentoring that I feel genuinely supported and lucky to share in her experiences as an author.”

Rebecca Smith, short fiction writer.

“Kirsty became a cheerleader for my writing at a time when I was about to give it up. However, by sharing her knowledge, experience, and passion for the craft, she guided me from being a nervous and self-conscious writer to being able to submit work with confidence. She mentored me on craft, on overcoming fear of the blank page, on overcoming fear of rejection, and helped me to build the confidence to write the kind of stories that I want to write, regardless of how weird they might be. In fact, I wouldn’t be about to start a Masters in creative writing without her warm and generous support. I’m so glad I reached out to her.”

– Suzy Kelly, WoMentoring mentee and author of Dundonald Tales.

“I had a jump-and-fistpump moment when I found out Kirsty had accepted me through the WoMentoring scheme. I’d just read The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales and was star-struck. Kirsty is friendly, wise and encouraging and it was a fantastic process. Kirsty is generous and always left me full of inspiration and the sense that this was possible. She helped me to overcome significant hurdles which was a turning point for me as a writer, and she has remained supportive since our mentorship. Amazing writer and Best Mentor Ever!”

– Isla Telford, WoMentoring mentee.

“I came to Kirsty with a few hundred words and a couple of scattered ideas – three mentoring sessions later I had over ten thousand words and a novel in the making. Kirsty helped me to create a writing schedule, offered feedback on my writing that was thoughtful and constructive and gave me invaluable advice about the publishing world. Thanks to Kirsty’s generosity I write with far more confidence and focus. If you’re in need of support and motivation, I couldn’t recommend her mentoring enough.”

– Holly Garrow, WoMentoring mentee.