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Best Books of 2017

Best Books of 2017

This year I read 220 books. As you may be able to tell, I really, really (really) fucking like books.

Here is a highly personal, not-very-scientifically-chosen list of my 50 favourites of 2017.

Books out in 2017:


  • Best Book That Actually Made Me Have to Put it Down For a Moment and Close My Eyes Because it Was So Perfect: I Am, I Am, I Am, Maggie O’Farrell
  • Best Book I Loved So Much I Wanted to Eat It: A Pocketful of Crows, Joanne M. Harris
  • Best Believe-All-the-Hype-Because-It’s-Seriously-Bloody-Good Book: The Power, Naomi Alderman
  • Best Pregnancy Sci-Fi: The Growing Season, Helen Sedgwick
  • Best Horror Novel That Creeped Me Out So Much I Actually Said OH MY GOD Out Loud: The Silent Companions, Laura Purcell
  • Best Disturbing Book About a Call Centre: Oh Honey, Emily R. Austin

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May/June/July/August Reads


Goodbye, summer! I managed to wear my sunglasses and sandals at least twenty times, which for Scotland isn’t bad going. I also spent a glorious ten days in the south of England with my wife and our dog, swimming and eating and generally forgetting about the rest of the world – and reading, of course.

After that I spent six weeks on a residency at Cove Park, a beautiful place with a loch and Highland cows and all the reading and writing time you could ever want. I was working on my new book, a collection of horror stories, so I was reading a lot of horror and strange short fiction, and – let’s be honest – going a bit odd. I always do that on residencies, and I like to believe that I can’t really produce good writing unless I’ve gone a bit odd. Though perhaps my family and friends would prefer that not to be the case.

Hopefully this explains this mix of favourites from the last few months, which I have conveniently put into two categories…

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Best Books for Travelling Alone


I’m halfway through a six-week writing retreat on the west coast of Scotland to work on a new book. In the past few years, I’ve spend a lot of time alone – whether on writing retreats, working alone at home, or travelling the UK and Europe for book events and festivals. Books have been my best company in these times, and if you’re also going to be doing some solo travel then books can keep you company too.

Whether you love the loneliness or want to make some word-based friends, here are my best books for travelling alone:

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March/April Reads


I’ve read a lot of books this March and April, but I’ll be honest: they’re mostly Point Horror! I’ve been working on a brand new podcast, Teenage Scream, about Point Horror and other 90s teen horror. I’m absolutely loving it, and it will be launching next month so I’ll post links then.

I have managed to fit in some other reading too, mostly non-fiction. Here are the best books from March and April:

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January/February Reads


January and February are always busy reading months for me. Scotland isn’t known for its sunny weather, and generally the start of the year is pretty cold and windy – and to me, lovely, as it means I get to stay in with a good book and a cup of something hot. Bliss. It’s been a particularly good few months for graphic novels and short stories for me, so perhaps next month I’ll get stuck into a longer novel.

Here are the best books I’ve read so far this year:

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